What is Minimalism? Minimalism is a mindset that can assist you in finding freedom from consumerism. I think The Minimalists said it best....
Minimalism is a lifestyle that helps people question what things add value to their lives. By clearing the clutter from life’s path, we can all make room for the most important aspects of life: health, relationships, passion, growth, and contribution. - The Minimalist
What is Essentialism? For me it's a mindset that started with stoicism. It's about enjoying what you have more and thinking about the total cost (money and time) of your stuff. For me I lump it with Minimalism as you can see. I think the book Essentialism said it best...
The disciplined pursuit of less empowers us to reclaim control of our own choices about where to spend our precious time and energy – instead of giving others the implicit permission to choose for us. - Greg McKeown
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