Meditation Quick Tips

Find a quiet space.  I like to use my headphones, which helps minimize environmental noises from distracting me.  Also, if you can try to find a darker space that can be helpful, but not necessary.

Quietness is more important.
Sit upright or lay down.  I prefer sitting upright, because I feel it allows me to take in deeper breaths.  Plus, you run the risk of falling asleep if you're lying down, which is okay if that's your plan.

Take slow, deep breaths into your belly and slowly exhale.  I prefer inhaling and exhaling through my nose.

Time of day can vary. I find the afternoon to be the best to help release some of the stress of the work day and reset your mind for the evening ahead.  However, morning and evening have their benefits too.

Finally, don't worry if you never actually "clear" your mind.  It's something you learn over time.  If you find your thoughts taking you from the meditation just let that thought go and bring yourself back to the meditation.  Also, focusing on your breath can help keep you in or bring you back to the meditation.


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