Meditation (Get Started)

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We know it's not easy to get started. Here is a 4-week process you could use if you're interested in giving Meditation a try. If you would rather take a course and not use a website the same content is available for free at

How? You start whenever you want and listen to one podcast a week. You will be following two newbies as we incorporate meditation into our lives and openly discuss our struggles and successes. In week 1 we talk about a few apps that might help and we challenge you to set your goal for how many meditation sessions you are going to attempt in a week. If you don't like apps, no problem -- you can make a copy of this simple Google sheets to keep track of your meditation. Since we know habits are easier to form with accountability, you can also join our Yammer community. People will be starting whenever it works for them so you can always find some support and ask questions.

Are you ready to start?
1) Subscribe to the podcast iTunes / Google Play / SoundCloud (direct links below)
2) Pick an app or download a copy of our tracker
3) Join the community or get an accountability buddy
4) Remember, your thoughts will wander, letting the thoughts go and bring yourself back to the meditation is the point

Time. I know, I know it's hard to come by but if you sign up for 3 x 5min sessions a week we are talking 15 minutes - you can make the time for 15 min in a week!

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Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Subscribe to the podcast: iTunes/Google Play/SoundCloud

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