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Meditation Week 4

Welcome to Our Mindfulness Journey, Week 4 – If you are just finding us or starting make sure you switch to Week 1 and do to for details.


Accountability Check/Dirty LaundryApp CheckWill we continueRecap - Where we where from where we ended Tweaks for next Month (yep, we are done with weeks) Closing thoughts  We are going to do a few Minimalism shows and a full month checking so stay subscribed

Meditation Week 3

Accountability Check/Dirty Laundry
App Check > New app: Aware
Need a push here are some videos:
> Tim Ferriss has a 20 min on how/why/tips that is fantastic called “Tim Ferriss on how to start meditating” > 15 Alternatives to Sitting Meditation (talks about Surfing, Paddle Board, Yoga, Hiking and more)
> Listener feedback - New Leaf Meditation
Retrospective - noticed changes, thought, feelings

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Meditation Week 2

– Accountability Check – App Check > New mention: Audible ‘Channels for Prime” [included in amazon Prime] affirmation: 6m Stress free life, 10m Get things done (no tracking) – Encouragement – Need a push or some reading? 10% happier by Dan Harris 8 Minute Meditation Expanded: Quiet Your Mind. by Victor Davich -Tweaks for next week (this week)

Meditation Week 1

Welcome, Let’s get started with our intro week (New to the site? Here is the plan overview)

In Week 0 we:
Review some tips and tricks to help you get started

In Week 1 we:
Reviewed 3 high-level meditation types (John’s opinion)

App Review

Our Why and some benefits to Body and Brain

Outline our plan and process

Still want to read more? Beginning a Primal Meditative Practice (Primal Blueprint)

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